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Los Angeles Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcyclists are at high risk of sustaining serious bodily injuries after being in a motor vehicle accident. Unlike automobile drivers, who are protected by seatbelts and a metal structure that’s designed for impact, motorcycle riders have little protection in the event of an accident. Here in Los Angeles, motorcyclists can be at an even higher risk of injury, due to the high level of traffic within the city and California’s allowance of lane-splitting.
Victims who are injured in a motorcycle accident can sustain physical injuries, like road rash, broken bones, lost limbs, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Then, they can also suffer from emotional pain, the stress of costly medical bills, and even PTSD. Those who survive a motorcycle accident can be in for a long road to recovery due to the physical, financial, and mental strain caused by a serious or catastrophic accident.
At LA Lawyers Group, we understand the obstacles victims face after being involved in a motorcycle accident. And we understand how to advocate for innocent victims who have been harmed due to the careless actions of drivers or other entities. As a Los Angeles based law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, we’re also well-versed in dealing with the more challenging aspects of a California motorcycle injury case, such as California’s lane-splitting law and comparative fault system.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, reach out to the accident lawyer team at LA Lawyers Group today. We’ve helped our personal injury clients claim monetary damages to cover medical expenses, lost income, rehabilitation, and noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering. Note that we offer our personal injury services on a contingency basis-- we absorb 100% of the financial risk of your personal injury claim. You will not need to pay legal fees until we win your case.
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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle injury attorney can provide you with the help you need during the challenging aftermath of a motorcycle accident. A personal injury attorney can help:

Walk You Through the Process:
Filing a personal injury claim is an incredibly complex process. But a personal injury attorney will know the exact steps you need to take after being in an accident, as well as when you need to take them, so they can guide you along every step of the way.
Provide You With Expert Knowledge To Maximize Monetary Damages:
Most people who have been in an accident do not fully understand the monetary damages they may be able to recover. Often, those who do not have an injury attorney agree to an injury case settlement that is considerably lower than they deserve. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can ensure you’re properly compensated for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional trauma, and that you explore all the available avenues to recover damages.
Negotiate With Insurance Companies on Your Behalf:
A personal injury lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies and make sure that they make a fair offer to settle a case. An injury lawyer can also file a lawsuit against an insurance company and take your case to trial should they find that the insurance company is not negotiating in good faith.
Establish Fault:
Generally, the other party or parties involved in your accident will not readily admit fault. So in motorcycle injury cases, it’s usually up to the biker to prove that the accident was not their fault. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you furnish all available proof of fault so that you have the best chance of proving the other involved party is at fault.
Relieve Burden:
Knowing that you have a knowledgeable advocate who is fighting for your rights can take an immense weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your recovery and well-being.
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Damages Available After a Motorcycle Accident

The compensation received by victims in motorcycle accident cases can vary depending on the unique circumstances of the accident and the extent of the victim’s injuries. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, you could receive compensation for damages such as:

Medical Expenses:
Your past and future medical care expenses could be compensated. This can include medical bills related to but not limited to emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgical procedures, rehabilitative therapy, and prescription medications.
Property Damage:
The full cost to repair your damaged motorcycle or replace your totaled motorcycle could be compensated.
Lost Wages:
If you lost wages as a result of needing to take time off of work due to your motorcycle injury, you could be entitled to recover most or all of these wages.
Future Lost Income:
If you became unable to work due to catastrophic injury or disability caused by the accident, you could be compensated for future lost income.
Noneconomic Damages:
Noneconomic damages could be awarded as the result of your pain, suffering, and/or trauma.
Wrongful Death:
If your family member died as the result of a motorcycle accident, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim.
Punitive Damages:
Punitive damages, which are separate from other types of damages, may be awarded if it’s found that your accident was the result of deliberate or malicious actions of another person.
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Fault in California Motorcycle Accidents

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By California law, more than one person can be responsible for an accident. At LA Lawyers Group, we work diligently to determine exactly who is at fault in your accident case by consulting with experts, law enforcement, and any available witnesses.

In some collision cases, the driver of the other involved vehicle may be completely at fault. In other cases, both the motorcyclist and the motorist may be found to be at fault. If this is the case, this does not mean that a biker who is a victim of a car accident will be completely deprived of damages. But it can affect the amount of damages they may receive.

California is what’s known as a comparative fault state. This means that the fault of an accident may be determined in percentages, which can affect the damages an accident victim may receive. For example, if you’re a victim of a motor vehicle accident but you’re found by a court or insurance company to be 20% liable for the accident, your amount of damages would be reduced by 20%. So if the damages for your injury case totaled $100,000, it would reduce by $20,000 to $80,000. As California is a comparative negligence state, it’s critical for bikers who have been in an accident to seek the help of a motorcycle injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer can ensure that you’re only assigned the percentage of fault that is appropriate for your case.

Motorcycle crashes may be caused by collisions, but they may also be caused by defective machinery or poor road conditions. If your motorcycle accident was caused by faulty machinery, labeling, or manufacturing, you could pursue a product liability claim against the motorcycle manufacturer. If your accident was caused by poor road conditions (such as potholes or cracked roads), a property owner, a city, or a government agency could potentially be responsible for your accident. If your accident was caused by defective machinery or poor road conditions, LA Lawyers Group can assist you with building a strong case against the responsible party.
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What to Do Immediately After a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident

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Seek Medical Treatment

As with all motor vehicle accidents, the first thing you should do after a motorcycle accident is seek medical treatment. It’s important to take care of your health first and foremost. If you’re hurt, seek treatment from a medical professional as soon as possible. Immediately call 911 if you’ve sustained any severe injuries.

Often, motorcycle riders will feel fine immediately after an accident. Then, in the hours or days after the accident, they may start to experience severe pain. If you feel pain following a motorcycle accident, know that you should always seek medical treatment. This is best for your health, since you may think a motorcycle accident injury is mild, while a doctor may find that it is serious. Then, it’s also wise to be evaluated by a medical professional for insurance purposes, since insurance companies tend to argue that there was no injury if there is no documentation of a medical evaluation.

Gather Information and Documentation

After addressing any injuries, you should gather important information and documentation related to your motorcycle accident. If you cannot gather this information yourself, ask a friend or family member to assist you. Some important information and documentation you should collect includes:

●   The names and contact information of any persons involved in the accident
●   Details of the other vehicle(s), including year, make, model, and licence plate number
●   Details and pictures of your injuries
●   Your insurance information
●   The other party’s insurance information
●   Pictures of the accident site, including pictures of the scene, your motorcycle, and any other vehicles involved in the accident
●   The names and contact information of any witnesses who may have been present at the accident scene

Do Not Speak About the Accident

Do not speak about the accident afterward. Never apologize for the accident and never suggest that you may be at fault for the accident. The moments immediately following a motorcycle crash can be emotional. But it’s important that you be careful about what you say after being in an accident. Even if you think you may be at fault for the accident, do not say so. You may not understand the full scope of the situation. For example, the other driver may have been intoxicated or they may have been looking at their phone. Fault and liability are best determined by the law.

Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Once you have gathered the information we listed above, call a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. It’s critical that victims of motorcycle accidents seek legal representation following their accident in order to have an advocate that will fight for their rights. A motorcycle attorney can help you deal with property damage, represent you before an insurance company, and recover monetary compensation for losses you have suffered, such as past medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost income due to injury or disability, property damage, and pain and suffering due to your injury.
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Speak With a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident, contact LA Lawyers Group to receive a free consultation today. One of our dedicated, experienced, and compassionate motorcycle accident attorneys can provide a free case evaluation and work to protect your best interests.

Call LA Lawyers Group today at (818) 386-6777 to receive your free, confidential consultation with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers.
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